Blue Bridgets Rojo - Grandson of Blue Valentine.....Northern California!
Our goal is to breed the great Blue Valentine-Driftwood genetics that possess good temperament, conformation and great mind.  We focus on the success for the many horsemen involved in performance and ranching disciplines.

**Blue Bridgets Rojo is 47% Blue Valentine and a 100% roan producer.  He passes on his quiet disposition, trainability and heavy bone with correct structure to all of his offspring.  He goes back to three different Blue Valentine sons and one daughter which gives you Blue Valentine diversity.  He is a gentleman to be around, calm and willing.

**Driftin Spear is part of the great Driftwood dynasty, son of Dynaflow Drift and grandson of the legendary White Lightning Ike. At 23% Driftwood, he brings athletic ability, speed, excellent disposition and correct structure to our program.   He is an ideal stallion for the Driftwood-Blue Valentine cross.   We are fortunate to own such high quality stallions!

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Maxine and Robert Naphan
Butte Valley/Chico, CA 95965
530-533-4394 or 530-520-2474
Blue Valentine 1956 - Son of Red Man, Grandson of Joe Hancock
Blue Bridgets Rojo- Grandson of
Blue Valentine
A Dynamic Duo!   What a pair!
  You won't find better quality....
Dynaflow Drift
Driftin Spear #4222411,23% DRIFTWOOD!!  2002 Bay Stallion, 15.1hands.   Son of Dynaflow Drift, Grandson of White Lightning Ike & Double Drift!
Driftin Spear photos by
Maxine Naphan and Lee Forrest
Poco Lightning Spear
Double Drift
King Bunny King
White Lightning Ike
Cataract Drift
Gray Chip
Rose Wood
Country Boy Lauro
Bunny McDuff
Driftwood Ike
Katy Was A Lady
Cowboy Drift
Cataract Thirteen
SOLD!      WYO BLUE PRINCE #5400571,  2011 Blue Roan Stallion
Son of Blue Apache Hancock.

Blue Apache Hancock
Princess Blue Mist
Hancocks Blue Boy
Tigress Bar Leo
Bluebird Hancock
Mr Roan Hancock
Princes Skipacue
Azul Caballo Amigo
Delray Rio Skip
Plenty Blue
Blue Laven
Leo's Patron
Tiger Bars Chunk
Sue Min McCue
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SOLD!  16MAY2013