Drifters Lucky Lady
Driftwood Ike
Katy Was a Lady
Blue Blanton
Rusty Oakwood
Ruano Rojo
Annie Drift
Winken Wishes
Direct Drift

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Butte Valley/Chico, CA 95965
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Wrangler Joe Hancock
Sassy Leo Hancock

Hancocks Lil Debbie #4849654 - 2005 Bay/Blue Roan 15.2 hands, Revue Hancock daughter! -  with her 2014 filly by Blue Bridgets Rojo  --  bred back for 2015!

Espuela Six Drift #4362363- 2003 Bay Mare 15.1 hands, 14% Driftwood Ike, 13% Driftwood.  Granddaughter of White Lightning Ike, great granddaugher of Ruano Rojo!   Stunning 2014 colt by Driftin Spear - stud prospect.
Murphys Prom Cat #3495290- Granddaughter of Jackie Bee! 1997  15.2 Grey
and  2013 red roan colt by Blue Bridgets Rojo.  Open for 2014 - bred to BBRojo for 2015
Yellow Cord
Beverly Hancock
Lone Drifter
Vee R Chata
Hermans Blue Moon
Paloma Loma
Driftwood Ike
Moore Yen
Cibecue Roan
Azul Caballo Amigo
Call Me Miss Blue
Magic Formula
Blue Paloma
Blue Light Ike
Rojo Blue Drift
White lighting Ike
Blue Belle Gill
Rojo Red Drift
Fritz Ladywood #4339634- 2002 Bay 15.1 hands and 2013 flashy red roan colt
by Blue Bridgets Rojo!  Open for  2014.
China Fritz
Miss Love Lady
Partee Doc
Fritzls China Doll
Captain Crusade
Miss Drift
Par Two Three
Glass Truckle
Docs Fritzl Chex
Doc's Kona Bar
Hancock's Doll
Barbra B
MR 89'ER
Oak Wood
WranglerHancockHayes #4701341 - 25% BV, 18% Red Man, 14% JoeHancock, 2005 Bay Roan 15.1 hds & 2013 Red Roan  colt  by  Blue Bridgets Rojo.  Bred back to Driftin Spear  2015!
Big Stretch Hancock
Azul Blue Hancock
Leo Hancock Hayes
Red Navaho
Lady Lon Hancock
Clarke Hancock
Bluebird Hancock
Blue Valentine
Doll 01
Bida Cake
Red Bank Pam
Tee J MR Jackie
After The Prom
Jackie Bee
Miss Poco Diamond
After Jet
Hi Lissa Prom
Jimmy Mac Bee
Jackie Diane
Diamond Tender
Hija De Poco
Jet Deck
Wee Connie
HI Beggar
Elissa Prom
Revue Hancock
Bay B Shez Got Leggs
Hancocks Blue Boy
Tigress Bar Leo
Go To The Bar Max
Chex Out My Cutn Doc
BlueBird Hancock
Mr Roan Hancock
Leisure Bar King
Leo's Patron
Tiger Bars Chunk
Genuine Squaw
Kings Main Star
PSH Jodie Wood #4042759 - 1999 Bay, 16% Driftwood - 15.1 hands
Blue Leo Drift
Jo Jo Wood
Orphan Drift
My Miss Leo Drift
Ruano Rojo
Joseywood Three
Driftwood Ike
Miss Drift
Captain Crusade
Moon Princess
Blue Valentine
Judy Sue
Poco Speedy
Orphan Annie C
Silver Pond Prince
Gerries Blue
Plenty Try
Pitter Pond Pat
Gerries Valentine
Blue Valentine
Heather Dividend
Pitter Pat Star
Pat's Silverdust
Miss Silver Spark
Pondie Prince
Ready Star Lite
Lady Leo Whiz
Blue Valentine 1956 - Son of Red Man, Grandson of Joe Hancock
Wyo Blue Bonnet
Rowdy Advantage
Leo Hancock Hayes
Mandys Sue Hawk
Blue Valentine Two
Blue Advantage
Blue Valentine
Doll 01
Wyo Kid Curry
Blue Hawk 22
Rowdy Blue Man
Blues Pole Cat
Plenty Try
Jenny Valentine
Rowdy Wyo Hayes #5289783-2010 Grulla mare, 38% BV, 19% Red Man,
19% Plenty Try, 15% Joe Hancock, 13% Rip Rip - with her 2014 colt by Driftin Spear!
Blue Valentine Jr
Foxy Dun Valentine
Blue Bridgets Rojo
Gerries Blue Twist
Leo Hancock Hayes
Fox Coup
Ruano Rojo
Leos Blue Bridget
Gerries Valentine
Twist Gerrie
Blue Valentine
Doll 01
Plenty Try
Diane Valentine
Holders Blue Boy
Leo Hancock Hayes
Whipp Hancock Minni
Blue Valentine
Doll 01
Gila McCue Hancock
Hancocks Minni Pearl
Whipp Hancock Carmen
Hancocks Blue Zeb
Lil Carrot Hancock
Hancocks Blue Boy
Ventures Mira
Big Stretch Hancock
Lil Red Hancock
Click on thumbnail Debbie's sire - Revue Hancock!

Blue Bridgets Rojo- Grandson of
Blue Valentine
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Blue Me Kiss #5339327, 2010  blue roan.  Daughter of Blue Apache Hancock - Big girl!  20% BV, 12% Red Man, 11% Joe Hancock with her 2014 colt by Blue Bridgets Rojo!
Blue Apache Hancock
Gerries Leo Star #3590781 - 1997 Grey mare 14.3 hands
19% BV, 10% Red Man.  Beautiful  2013 red roan filly by BBRojo! Born 2May13!  Open for 2014

Mr Roan Hancock
Docs Foxy Thing
Cool Leo Hancock
Tigeress Bar Leo
Hancocks Blue Boy
Kiss Me Angel
Cool Ant
Leo Hancock Hayes
Leo's Patron
Tiger Bars Chunk
Bluebird Hancock
Rena Blues
Mira Doc Hancock
Holders Blue Hancock #5163077 - 2008 Blue Roan 15 Hands, 31% Leo Hancock Hayes, 27% BV, 25% Hancocks Blue Boy, 15% Red Man  with her 2014 filly - in foal to Driftin Spear for 2015!

Driftwood Amiga #4208650 2002 bay mare.   Daughter of Yellow Cord. Driftwood Ike and  Azul Caballo Amigo on her papers!    Bred to Azul Caballo Amigo JR for 2015!

Rest In Peace our sweet Jodiewood.
We are heart sick and will miss you dearly
SOLD!  10Aug2013 -- Thank you AG!
not for sale
JR Foxy Valentine #5292919 -2010 Red Roan Mare, 42% BV, 28% LHH,  28% Red Man, 19% Plenty Try, 16% Gooseberry. Granddaughter of Blue Bridgets Rojo!   2014 colt by Driftin Spear -- a looker!
sold Oct 2015
sold Sept 2015
not for sale
sold! thank you Carrie